Poker Tips for the Serious Player

There are many amateur poker players, those that play for fun with friends or enjoy a short round at the weekends. However, sometimes these players would like to make the transition to becoming a more accomplished player and to do this they need some extra help. Outlined in this article are just a few of the things that a budding player can utilise in order to make their game more successful. First thing on that list should be learning the outs and the odds. At this level it can be assumed that the player understands the basic rules of poker quite well and knows what all the different hands are. An out is a card that will turn a poor hand into a winning one. Watching other players and the cards being placed, in particular being able to read the community cards, will aid players in determining the probability of high hands turning up. Once a player can successfully read the community cards, they will experience more success. Another thing to remember is that focus is key. With this in mind it is important that players always play in a good frame of mind. Never play when drunk, angry or sad as this will allow for rash decision-making and a loss in the game. It is also important to know ones limits. Don’t bluff just because poker has the stereotype of being a bluff game. Don’t play every hand just to be in the game. Learn when to fold. And don’t stay in a round just because the bet has been made and the player is already part way through the round. These will all instantly give away a player as being new to the game. Experienced players will exploit this. Players should start by following these simple rules and will see an improvement in their game.

Magdalena Glover Jr.