How to become a professional Poker player

Poker is a game that’s part strategy, part figuring out the competition. Now that you have the basics of the game, you can up the stakes! We will look at how to become a Poker professional.Practice:Play as much as possible, and with as many different people as possible. This will teach you about different strategies and tells. You should also try online Poker. This is more challenging because you cannot see your fellow players – and so it is harder to read them.Strategy:First of all, look up some handy tips and tricks. Next, read some strategy books written by the big pros, like ‘Texas Hold’em Odds and Probabilities’ by Matthew Hilger. You’ll get some very valuable advice and expand your thinking.Tournaments:Try online tournaments, and then look up any local ones in your area. When you feel more confident, start with some smaller buy-ins at local casinos, and then pick the more competitive ones as your skills grow.Professional Poker is hard work – but if you’re willing to go the distance it is both fun and rewarding.

Magdalena Glover Jr.